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Sunday, July 5, 2015

In case you forgot...

Mario Schafzahl didn't appear out of thin air to become Man of the Month on this blog. I have actually taken notice of him since 2013.

His very first appearance was in a post called Man of the Moment: Mario Schafzahl. This is my favorite picture from that particular post...

Based on that picture, I immediately thought Mario's best feature was his arms, so of course I had to showcase him in Body of a Man: Arms Race.

Then in a Front and Back series, I posted this collage of his back.

And most recently, I showed you this picture of him getting out of the pool...
(Actually, this is a better version of the pic I showed you in that post)

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Birthday America!

There's lots of celebrate this year, especially in recent news (Supreme Court rulings). Obamacare is saved. Gay Marriage for all. As we proudly celebrate the USA's 239th birthday, let's not forget about the folks who first fought and sacrificed for our Independence, and the folks who fought to keep our freedom intact.

Some might think wearing clothes fashioned with the patterns of your country's flag is a sign of national pride, while others may think it is tacky and/or tasteless (especially if it is underwear). Whichever side of the fence you land on, remember that there is only one flag in this country that even deserves this debate. And that the other flag that is so cherished by southern states shouldn't even be considered in this argument. That's as political as I will get today.

It's weird that Mario is sporting a bandana with the US flag pattern. He's not even American. But hey, I ain't complaining!

Alexandre Carneiro.

Brady Ervin.

David Boudia.

Chad White.

Kyle Hildebrand.

Trey Hardee.

Matthew Born (in the USA).

Matt Mendrun.

Kirill Dowidoff.

Rodrigo Calazans.

Anthony Green. Jeff Timmons.

Giovanni Francesco. Will Helm.

Justin L Shaw. MT Sharp.

Kurtis W. Sir Style.

Unknown with sleeveless hoodie.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Black Scarf

Ha, this post was thisclose to be called Black Towel, until I noticed the knitting on that thing draped around his neck...Again, we have Chris Wiener to thank for this astounding photographs.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Man of the Month: Mario Schafzahl

How many Men of the Month have been crowned and featured in this blog's 8 year run? You can count it with one hand!

37 other men have been named Men of the Week, Men of Two Weeks, and Men of Top...titles that are high praise in themselves. And many many of them deserve to be more than that.

But when it comes down to it, being Man of the Month is too special for me to give out easily and without thought. A Man of the Month must always stop me in my tracks whenever he is on screen. He must charge my core and fuel my desires like no other. He must leave me speechless, awestruck, mesmorized.

Brett Hollands was my first and ultimate Man of the Month, a model's whose long career is the envy of most young models. Then there was Nick Auger, whose short modelling career, leaves a lasting impression, as his magnificent photos remains one of the most widespread fitness shot in the internet. Then Chad Pinther's whose stable career is astounding and who is the very definition of handsome. Finally, Drew Pare's Superman good looks floored me, and it is always satisfying to see him working today.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you about another man with Superhero good looks. He is walking perfection. His face is flawless, and his body is even more so. Standing at 6 foot, weighing 194 (fluctuation), this is the man you will see quite often this month.

I present: Mario Schafzahl
And it would be in absolute poor taste if I didn't recognize that a great deal influence to name Mario Schafzahl as Man of the Month is because of these photographs here. And so I must say a huge thanks to the incredible talent that captured this instantly classic images. Thank you Mr. Chris Wiener. Thank you for your incredible work! Thank you for presenting Mario is quite possibly the best way anybody has ever showcased him! Thank you again!