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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Stas Is Punished Part 3

Stas lies on a table, ready to be stretched to his limit.
His elbows straightened as he is being pulled apart.
A little intermittent flogging to keep it interesting.
Bored with his captive. One torturer leaves. Another one takes Stas away...
That is what I have on the Stas series. Hope you liked it.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Stas is Punished Part 2

After a few hours of downtime, Stas is ordered to take off his pants and prepare for another round of torture.
He makes one last-ditch effort to break his bonds. To no avail.
Soon, his legs are spread apart with a metal rod keeping them in place. And his arms are bound behind his back to a suspended to the ceiling.
His arms are raised back over his head. Forcing him to stand on tiptoes.
Electrode clamps are introduced to his delicious nipples.
Stas squirms violently as electricity fries his nipples and chest.
The wires catches on his ankle braclet, and rips off of his nipples. Causing a different kind of pain.
Stas is left suspended, with an injured nipple.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

NSFW #15

Does he fit the bill as a lumbersexual?
I mean, he's got bushy beard?
But his body is strangely smooth...
It's almost like this guy is a composite of two pix...
Do you think this guy is real, btw?
If so, what's his name?

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Stas is Punished Part 1

Stas sits in jail cell, contemplating about his unruly behavior at the football game that got him arrested. He believes the bail bondsman would come soon, and get him out of here.
But the folks in charge of the correctional facility has no plans on letting him get off so easily.
He is chained by the wrist, and pulled into the air.
His shirt is ripped, revealing lean muscles. These perfect muscles must be flogged.
His punisher leaves the room for a bit, as he tries to break free. But it is a futile attempt.
But his punisher is back, and ready to dish out more punishment.
Finally, his captor is bored, lowers the chain a bit, and leaves him on his tiptoes for the rest of the evening.

Monday, April 13, 2015

The Lumbersexual Series Begins

Lumbersexuals. Apparently. It's a thing now. Instead of the clean, well-groomed look of metrosexual men, there is a growing preference for bearded burly strapping men who look like they can build a cabin in a day.

I'm not perfectly sure what constitutes a lumbersexual, but the pictures I will show in the next few days contain at least one or more elements of the following: red flannel shirt; wood cutting tools; wood; forest background; beardedness.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Somebody Save HIm

Continuing the theme of strong, beautiful men at their lowest of low.
Here is Superman.
The World's Mightiest Hero.
Living a hum-drum, depressing life.
Relieving himself on the toilet.
Spilling something on his pants and having to iron it.
His bravery not needed because the store clerk can take care of the robber himself.
Superman is unneeded.
This is a big fall for this beautiful perfect man.

In a similar vein, Superman is still down in the dumps. Needing a job and a purpose. And I think the image that will stay with me is him hanging on the tree but not being able to die.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Plain White Tee Part 3

Here's a few more I came across recently. This is probably the last of this series in a while. Hope you enjoyed it!

We'll start off with a new face named Landon Smith. 
His manager Joe Buser noticed the Plain White T series, and sent me this pic. Thanks!

Marlon Brando. Quite possibly the originator of the Plain White Tee sex appeal.

Devin Paisley.

John Martin.

Valeriu Gutu.

Chris Evans. Stephen Amell.

Josh Wald. Scott Eastwood.

Two Unknowns.